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GoAntiquing! is Point-of-Sale and retail space management software for your Antique or Craft Mall, Consignment Shop or Art Gallery, and many other types of boutique businesses! You can charge individualized commission rates and rents to your dealers and pay them out monthly, weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, etc.
Simply stated and with no false modesty we are the BEST. What makes us the best? We listen to feedback from YOU and frankly retail and resale is our passion, if you succeed, we succeed! We credit a lot of the ideas and features of our software with our customers. Thanks to all of you!
Our first customer Paris Flea Market was in June 2002. With over 20 years of experience we are approaching 2000 customers in the USA, Canada and Australia! Read our testimonals or ask someone nearby. You can use the map below to find a nearby customer.
Operating System
XP to 11
Runs on Microsoft Windows* - from Windows XP up to Windows 11, though most shops are running Windows 10 or 11.
* GoAntiquing! is desktop based software with cloud service options.
Integrated Payments
Integrated Credit Card Payments via Cardpointe allows a smooth and efficient checkout process for the customer - read more at our Credit Card FAQ.
POS Hardware
Add POS hardware for efficiency!

"If it works on Windows it will work with GoAntiquing!"

Dealer Gateway
$2/Dealer/Month allows Dealers to see* their sold items on-line and be emailed daily when an item sells.
* You can configure the program to update the Gateway throughout the day so Dealers can check their sales whenever they like.
Data Backup
$10/month backs up your data to our cloud and if bundled with Dealer Gateway enables PDF upload of end of month Dealer statements.
Dealer Managed Inventory
Enhance the Gateway by adding this feature for $10/month to allow up to 10,000 items in full inventory. Dealers can add inventory and print labels with or without barcodes.

* Scroll down to see more pricing details.
PDF 'Settlement' Reports
If you subscribe to Dealer Gateway and Data Backup services you can take advantage of publishing end of month 'Settlement' reports as PDF files and even exported data as CSV files for accounting purposes. At no extra cost!
Total Dealer Management
Top-down dealer/vendor management, fully featured, fully functional. Rent tracked by the individual or by booth space management. Payments can be spread over time.
Cashier Management
Setup additional Cashiers to operate the software - set security options as needed per person. Time Clock can be used to track hours worked.
Allow customers to pay over time via Layaway. Rules can be setup to calculate downpayment and schedule ... and overridden as you want.
Gift Certificates
gift certificates
Sell, print and redeem Gift Certificates! You can also create your own design if you do not like ours.
Payout / Settlement

End of payout period processing is handled via Settlement. All items sold, rents, fees, etc., are swept into one document which when Finalized will produce shop reports and dealer reports and can even print Dealer Checks.
There are advanced options to publish the reports as PDF and upload to the Gateway for those shops that subscribe to both Gateway and Backup services.
Inventory / Barcoding

If you do not want to enroll in the cloud based Gateway and Dealer Managed Inventory services, you can always go the traditional route and add items manually or import items from a Google Sheet Template your Dealers can fill in and share with you*.
*You can print labels with or without barcodes and combined with a barcode scanner can vastly speed up the checkout process.
Split Payments

Customers can pay with more than one form of payment using an option called Split Payment. Cash/Credit, Cash/Credit/Check or Credit/Gift Certificate are ways to complete a transaction. Any valid form of payment can be combined into a Split.
Daily Close Out

The end of day is always a relief, and even more so when it is made simple. Using Daily Close Out (which is highly configurable), you can get summary and detail reports of the days activity, publish sales to the Gateway for Dealers to look at, backup your data, and of course - count your till - among other tasks.
This is the most complete Point-of-Sale for Antique Malls, Consignment Shops, and collectible Boutiques worldwide!
  • See all the boxed features above (scroll up)!
  • Easily ring up both inventoried and uninventoried sales by entering Dealer ID + Description, by scanning, etc.
  • You can print and scan labels from an inventory Item Master module (included, but not required!)
  • Many reports! Sales, rent, fees, inventory, customer activity, etc.
  • Integrated or separated Credit Card processing
  • Supports any receipt printer that can run on Windows
  • You can add a cash drawer, pole display, label printer, and barcode scanner.
License Cost*:
  • Copy 1: $799 - Full POS features
  • Copy 2: $399 - Full POS features
  • Copy 3+: $299 - Full POS features
  • Admin: $199 - Non-POS features (requires Copy 1) 
  • Annual Fee: $99 for the shop (not per license)
* Additional copy pricing is limited to the same shop even if you operate more than 1 store front under same name (each store front is considered a separate shop).
  Dealer Gateway 
Allow your Dealers access to their daily sales, sent to them via email (what we call Sales Alerts), or to login and see detailed reports.
  • Are you flooded with requests from Dealers who just "pop in" to get their weekly or daily "How am I doing" sales reports?
  • Upload your sales to our secure web portal!
  • Dealers can login and run sales reports from a range of dates (limited to amount of data on hand, base subscription includes 3 months of sales history).
  • Our web-app interface is up to date and is mobile-device aware (aka 'responsive').
  • Enter your Dealers email and the system will send them a Daily Summary or Detail report.
  • Leave messages for all or for certain Dealers that they will see when they login.
  • Shop level reports exist for metrics such as Top Dealer By Sales, Sales by Day of Week, etc.
  • Download the Administrators Guide here for more detailed information.
  • Distribute the Dealer Guide here to your Dealers (also shown in the Footer area of the Dealer Login page).
  • Per Dealer rate of $2/Month*
  • You buy in bulk and reallocate to your Dealers.
  • Example: 25 dealers for a year costs $600 based on $2*25*12.
  • We let you use more than you pay for with the understanding you will pay any usage >10% over.
  • We do offer a substantial discount for new customers for the first year if you sign up for a year up front.
* $2/Dealer/Month is based on purchase of 2 months or longer subscription with 3 months sales history. Additional months of sales history can be purchased at the cost $0.11 per Dealer per month.
  Data Backup 
Backup your mission critical databases to our customized cloud servers in our chilly data center in Fremont CA. Please backup your data!
  • We keep 90 consecutive daily full backups for you (a full backup is ALL the data in your database, which could be several years of data, so every day we backup that file that grows every day).
  • Our servers are located in a very cold and windy room full of other servers in Fremont CA.
  • And we pay extra to backup our server to the Amazon S3 cloud - we take data backup seriously!
  • Don't want our service? Please backup your data somewhere!
  • Flat rate of $10/month.
  • We do offer a discount for new customers for the first year if you sign up for a year up front.
Potential Bonus!
  • If you also have the Gateway service you can publish PDF reports for end of month distribution to the Dealers.
  • No extra cost and saves paper!
  Dealer Managed Inventory 
Allow your dealers to manage their inventory online* via the Gateway!
  • Add/update/delete items.
  • Automatic sync with shop.
  • Barcode label printing.
  • Self-contained QR barcodes.
  • Non-barcode label printing.
  • View Only plan: No cost for viewing inventory
    - For up to 10,000 items total across all dealers
    - Included in Dealer Gateway
  • Basic plan: $10/month for up to 10,000 items.
    - Increase limit for $1 per 500 items.
  • Pro plan: $25/month for up to 25,000 items.
    - Increase limit for $5 per 5,000 items.
  • Pro+ plan: $50/month for up to 100,000 items.
    - Increase limit for $20 per 50,000 items.
* Requires the Gateway service.
 Video Library 

Demo 1 of 3
Demo 1 of 3
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Demo 2 of 3
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Demo 3 of 3
Gift Certificates
Gift Certificates
Dealer Managed Inventory
Dealer Managed Inventory
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