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The preferred software for Antique Malls, Consignment Shops, Art Galleries, & other Boutique Retailers - Call (800) 385-7911
GoAntiquing! Point of Sale runs on all Windows operating systems since Windows XP. See the FAQ for more info.
NOTE: If you are looking for the latest update for the software, just click GoAntiquing! Point of Sale v3.1.634 - Update Package.
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GoAntiquing! Point of Sale
This is the complete Point-of-Sale and Antique Mall / Consignment Shop management program!
  • Easily ring up both inventoried or uninventoried sales!
  • Many reports! Sales, rent, fees, inventory, customer activity, etc.
  • Pricing: $499
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We have been providing this specialized point-of-sale solution to antique malls, antique shops, consignment stores, and collectible boutiques since 2002.
  • Easily ring up both inventoried and uninventoried sales by entering Dealer ID + Description, by scanning, etc.
  • You can print and scan labels from an inventory Item Master module (included, but not required!)
  • Many reports! Sales, rent, fees, invenotry, customer activity, etc.
  • Supports any receipt printer that can run on Windows
  • You can add a cash drawer, pole display, label printer, and barcode scanner!
  • Please see our support policy, which in a nutshell is free for the first year and $99 a year afterwards
  • Program updates are always free, please see our update policy
  • A non sales version for the shop manager to use for reports and management is available for $199 (only for existing full customers)
  • Pricing: $499 (call for multi-copy discount pricing)
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We have been providing this specialized point-of-sale solution to antique malls, antique shops, consignment stores, and collectible boutiques since 2002.  We designed this program with you, the shopkeeper, in mind.  In fact we sat down with a shopkeeper just like you, and an accountant, and determined the features that such a program should have. Our goals were ease of use, speed of taking a sale, accuracy, paperwork reduction, and leveraging the power of the internet.  These goals along with feedback from our customers, have driven each new version of the product. This product includes all features you would expect. Our competition starts out with a basic product priced higher than ours, and then as you add features, they add cost.  Not us.  You get it all for one price.

Download Customers in the US and Canada may order by calling 800-385-7911

The best way to get started is to download the program using the blue Free Trial button, or if you've already tried it, and want to buy it, click  !
Internet Gateway
Let your Dealers get their own reports online!
  • Are you flooded with requests from Dealers who just "pop in" to get their weekly or daily "How am I doing" sales reports?
  • Upload your sales to our secure web portal!
  • Dealers can login and run sales reports.
  • Priced at $1/Dealer/Month* - you buy in bulk and reallocate.
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  • Are you flooded with requests from Dealers who just "pop in" to get their weekly or daily "How am I doing" sales reports?
  • Upload your sales to our secure web portal!
  • Dealers can login and run sales reports from a range of dates (limited to amount of data on hand, base subscription includes 3 months of sales history).
  • Enter your Dealers email and the system will send them a Daily Summary or Detail report.
  • Leave messages for all or for certain Dealers that they will see when they login.
  • Shop level reports exist for metrics such as Top Dealer By Sales, Sales by Day of Week, etc.
  • Download the Gateway Administrators Guide here for more detailed information.
  • Distribute the Gateway Dealer Guide here to your Dealers (also shown in the Footer area of the Dealer Login page).
  • Priced at $1/Dealer/Month* - you buy in bulk and reallocate to your Dealers (Example: 25 dealers for a year costs $300, $1*25*12).
    * $1/Dealer/Month is based on purchase of 2 months or longer subscription. Purchasing 1 month of service costs $2/Dealer/Month.
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Subscribe to Internet Gateway
* You must already be a customer of GoAntiquing! Point of Sale to subscribe to this service.
Data Backup
Backup your Sales and Settlement database to our Data Center!
  • We provide a simple data backup service to our customers for $10/month*.
  • We keep 90 consecutive daily full backups for you (a full backup is ALL the data in your database, which could be several years of data, so every day we backup that file that grows every day).
  • Our server is located in a very cold and windy room full of other servers in Fremont, CA.
  • And we pay extra to backup our server to the Amazon S3 cloud - we take data backup seriously!
  • Don't want our service? Please backup your data somewhere!
Subscribe to Data Backup
* You must already be a customer of GoAntiquing! Point of Sale to subscribe to this service.
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GoAntiquing! Extended Demo Part 2 of 3
GoAntiquing! Extended Demo Part 3 of 3
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 Featured Customer Testimonial
Big Peach Antiques Mall ...  GoAntiquing! Point of Sale software is a tool every antique mall should have! We bought it for the added security and database capabilities. The bene  ... Read more
Big Peach Antiques Mall

Big Peach Antiques Mall, 119 Peachtree Blvd., Byron, GA
  "GoAntiquing! Point of Sale software is a tool every antique mall should have! We bought it for the added security and database capabilities. The benefits far surpass what we expected. At 33,000 square feet, the Big Peach is Central Georgia's largest antique mall. We now have the ability easily manage rents, fees and sales for more than 200 dealers. The complete closeout process for the month takes less than one hour to complete, including printing the checks. The reporting capabilities exceed our needs. And the gateway, which allows dealers to check their sales online each night, eliminates countless phone calls during the day. Using the offsite data backup offered by GoAntiquing! gives us additional peace of mind. The security, ease of use and time-saving features make GoAntiquing! a must for anyone operating an antique mall or similar business." - Heather and John Klemm

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 Tips & Tricks
Need to load your Dealer list, Reseller list, Customer list, or Inventory from another program? Use our 'Import Contact Data' or 'Import Item info' wizard to load from Excel, Text (CSV or TAB), Access, or FoxPro (including dBase and ACT!). If you need to move from one of our competitors products this tool will make that process fast and painless.
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Do your dealers like to shop each others booths? Use the new Account payment type to deduct purchases from the buying dealers Account. Naturally you will need to approve these on a case-by-case basis, since not all dealers are profitable every month, but this will help you in your paperwork.
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How often do your dealers ask you "What are customers looking for?" Use the Want List feature in the Customer module to add items that a customer is looking for, use the Want List module in the Reporting group to search, and if you subscribe to the GoAntiquing! Internet Gateway, you can publish the list so your registered dealers can view it. No customer information is published, so your dealers cannot try and sell outside the shop.
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What do you do when a dealer does NOT make enough sale to pay their rent? Not a good situation for anyone. With GoAntiquing! Point of Sale you have full control over the Settlement process. From month to month any outstanding balances are carried forward as a debit.
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Do you want to do inventory management and barcode scanning? Using GoAntiquing! Point of Sale, you can scan either UPC (consumer packaged goods) barcodes or you can create your own. Using a combination of the Dealer ID# and a unique Item ID# the software will produce barcodes that you can print either to Avery style sheet labels or for the case of a hanging tag label, to a two-sided label format using a Label Printer (such as the Zebra Eltron 2844).
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So you have some Dealers who are constantly late paying Rent, or who do not make enough Sales to cover Rent? Some Dealers need 'encouragement'! Do you charge late Fees? If so, use the Add Late Fee feature in the Settlement module to automatically add these fees to all Dealers who owe you rent at the end of the payout period.
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 Customer Testimonials
Paris Flea Market  In June of 2002, Paris Flea Market opened it's doors and began selling it's dealers' diverse range of antiques and collectibles.  Brave New Software has partnered with Paris Flea Market to provide an advanced point-of-sale system to handle the complex needs of selling in a market where it is rare for two items to be identical.To handle these needs Brave New Software developed GoAntiquing! Point of Sale.  This point-of-sale program runs on a standard Windows PC with a receipt printer, o ... 

Main St. Mercantile, an antique shop in downtown Visalia, has made the decision to replace their existing point-of-sale software, Antique Mall Manager, with GoAntiquing! Point of Sale. Located in the heart of the Visalia antique district, Main St. Mercantile is one of the longest operating antique shops in the area.  The Mercantile is the third customer to use GoAntiquing! Point of Sale, and the first to make the right choice and switch from a competitors product.John Schomp, co-owner of t ...  Main St. Mercantile 

Lamplighter Mercantile & Trading Company  Lamplighter Mercantile & Trading Company, Visalia's newest antique mall, has just opened and is using GoAntiquing! Point of Sale.  Larry and Kathleen Harrington, long-time antique dealers are excited to open their shop right in the middle of Visalia's antique district.  Welcome aboard folks! ... 

Lookout Mercantile is a small Northwest Arkansas country store located in the middle of Hobbs State Park, midway between Rogers, AR and the tourist town of Eureka Springs, AR.  Lookout Mercantile sells rustic furniture crafted on site and by local area craftsmen, hand painted home decor, Antiques and Collectibles, as well as Groceries, Hardware, Camping, and Fishing supplies.  Lookout Mercantile also sells bar-coded retail items, as well as via booth rentals and consignme ...  Lookout Mercantile 

Rebecca's of Brewton  Rebecca Pintado of Rebecca's of Brewton states: "GoAntiquing! Point of Sale is at the heart of my antique business.  Without this program keeping me organized I would not be able to run efficiently.  One of my favorite aspects of this system is the ability to back up my database daily to the GoAntiquing! Data Backup website.  Having additional records of my transactions gives me great peace of mind.  The user interface is extremely easy to master, even my computer illiterate  ... 

"GoAntiquing! Point of Sale is easy. Newnan Antique Mall has been using GoAntiquing! for almost 2 years now. GoAntiquing! has enabled us to easily keep track of sales for our vendors as well as making it easier to keep accurate records for the store. To top it off the courteous support staff have always been quick to assist with any problems or questions. Thank you from all of us at Newnan Antique Mall." - Teresa, Beth, and Tom Little.Newnan Antique Mall is located at 95 Temple Avenue, Newnan, G ...  Newnan Antique Mall 

Biddlestone Consignment  "I have been in the consignment business since 1981 and now have almost 5000 consignors. I purchased my first point-of-sale software, Consignment Boutique, in 1994. The company that produced that product has now been out of business for several years. Since I needed to do some updating I searched for 2 years for a program that I did not have to do inventory entry and gave me the option to pay out to consignors singly at any time. I also wanted to do networking by adding a second computer. GoAnti ... 

King Richard's Antique Center, Whittier CA (Los Angeles area) has been using GoAntiquing! Point of Sale on three of their PC's since May 2009. As Southern California's largest Antique Center (3 levels, 47,000 sq ft, 260 dealers, and up to 7 employees on the floor), Chuck and Martha Garcera were looking for a modern, turn-key system, to replace their old point-of-sale system."We are glad to have found GoAntiquing! Point of Sale and are very satisfied with the performance, capability of the progra ...  King Richard's Antique Center 

Abby's Treasure Trunk  "I knew that if I was going to realize this dream I needed to make sure that my dealers would get the most accurate monthly settlement reports. I used GoAntiquing! Point of Sale at another local shop and know that is the best solution for managing dealers, booths, rents, layaways, consignments you name it, this program does it." - Mary CarrilloAbby's Treasure Trunk, 209 W. Main St., Visalia, CA 93292.NOTE: Abby's closed down due to landlord issues and has not reopened. ... 

" We started our Antique Mall a little over a year ago. Before that we had a furniture store. The first year we tried several different book keeping ways and nothing was giving us what we wanted for records, we looked at several different ways of doing tags and keeping track of who sold what and it was making us crazy. Then we found GoAntiquing! Point of Sale on the internet and the more we looked into this program it had everything we wanted. I downloaded the free Trial and we used it for a co ...  Butcher Block Antique Shop & More 

FleaMart  "We have been open since May 1st, 2009. Over the past three years of being in the flea market business we looked at a lot of different point-of-sale systems and were completely impressed with the GoAntiquing! Point of Sale experience. We have 255 booths and 15 employees and had a short period of time to learn the system. It is so user friendly that it takes little effort for the new cashiers to catch on. Any questions we have are quickly answered and taken care of by GoAntiquing! suppo ... 

Steve and Lori Neira, owners of Chic Repeats say:"GoAntiquing! Point of Sale Software – is working EXCELLENT for our Consignment Store!We're so glad we selected GoAntiquing! Point of Sale software for our Chic Repeats consignment store that opened in January this year. The software is doing everything we need to effectively manage our consignment store business.After doing our research, your product appeared to have the most and best features and benefits. Since purchase and installation, we’d  ...  Chic Repeats 

Treasures Antique Mall  Mary, the shop manager has this to say, "I love having GoAntiquing! Point of Sale it helps me track vendors on a daily basis, and the Internet Gateway helps the vendors track their sales when they are at home. End of month settlement processing is a dream, and the support is very helpful and courteous." Jason Linker, owner of the shop comments, "We have been using GoAntiquing! for about a year and half now. Early on we discovered that the daily close report did not quite give us all the in ... 

With six antique malls over five states, we knew picking a new Point of Sale software mean finding a system detailed enough to handle the several hundred dealers in each of our malls.Our list of desired features eliminated many software vendors. GoAntiquing! was the only vendor that had what we needed.It was important for us to have a “Sale Parking” feature so pre-entered transactions could be retrieved from any of the registers. We also needed to provide a customer-facing display. And, we looke ...  Brass Armadillo Antique Malls 

The Old Potting Bench  In Vada's own words... “OMG, GoAntiquing! is awesome… My life in my store has changed forever. The support staff has been so supportive and able to address my every need. I should have done this a long time ago. What a great product!" ... 

"GoAntiquing! Point of Sale software is a tool every antique mall should have! We bought it for the added security and database capabilities. The benefits far surpass what we expected. At 33,000 square feet, the Big Peach is Central Georgia's largest antique mall. We now have the ability easily manage rents, fees and sales for more than 200 dealers. The complete closeout process for the month takes less than one hour to complete, including printing the checks. The reporting capabilities exceed o ...  Big Peach Antiques Mall 

Dupres Antique Market  Eric Armstrong, the General Manager of Dupres Antique Market in Marietta, Georgia says..."We can't imagine operating our store without GoAntiquing! Point of Sale. It has streamlined our operation saving us a lot of time doing for us what we used to do by hand, including printing dealer checks at the end of the month.Most important to us has been the responsive service we have received whenever we have questions or need assistance. Our phone calls are always answered and our issues have always be ... 

Remember When and Remember When Too are a beach front pair of antique malls in Cayucos, Califorina, Patti wrote this testimonial:We purchased GoAntiquing! Point of Sale software in November 2012. Prior to the purchase of this amazing software, we used a database. We had no idea what we were missing. This software is designed to be user friendly and efficient. It has totally streamlined the overall operation of our antique malls. The dealers love the reports, notification emails and the simpl ...  Remember When Antiques Malls 

Water Street Vintage  "We have got to tell you the software is working really well for us. We had plenty to learn opening a new business but GoAntiquing! has been a breeze. On opening day we had several family and friends helping who had never seen the software and were so busy (good problem to have) that they had to jump on the register with zero training. We ended the day balanced to within a dollar with hundreds of transactions of all types, so clearly easy to learn and use. Thanks again!" Jeff Ricker ... 

The Vintage Vendor opened its doors May 22, 2015 in Galax, Virginia. Not unlike others who have ventured into the vintage and antique waters we needed to address many concerns before opening. One of these concerns was how to handle point of sale. Thankfully I met another business owner who was using, and loving, the GoAntiquing! Point Of Sale software. Wow, what an amazing find! This software is not simply intuitive it is down-right 'simple'. I did little more than watch the provided training v ...  The Vintage Vendor 

The Village Antique and Home Décor Malls and Bargain Hunters Antique and Flea Market Malls  We want to recommend the GoAntiquing! Point of Sale software to anyone looking for the easiest and most user friendly software on the market. We opened our first store several years ago using another program that we found to be difficult to use and extremely limiting. We researched multiple programs before purchasing GoAntiquing!, and could not find one to come close to the ease of use and features that GoAntiquing! provides. We now use GoAntiquing! in all five of our locations. Our vend ... 

"Family Flea Market & Flooring is one of the largest in-door flea markets in east Mississippi and west Alabama opened year round with over 190 permanent vendors. We opened our doors in July 2012 in our 52,000 sq ft warehouse after spending about a month researching software from multiple vendors. GoAntiquing!, by far, was the most user friendly and adaptable software of the four we tested. We are an unusual lot in that we have items from a DIME up to several thousand dollars including a full se ...  Family Flea Market & Flooring 

SHOWCASE Antiques of CNY  "We unofficially opened for business with 2 Dealers, in June 2015. One year later we have grown to 100 spaces rented, with capacity for 125. This is our first venture as a multi-dealer shop, but we are not new to running a business, or antiques. We knew going in we would need to be computerized with 2 POS registers and an office station for reporting, etc. GoAntiquing! was the first software we stumbled upon on the internet. We thought it was great to be able to download a free tr ... 

When we started our business, Yesterday's Antique Market, we spent quite a bit of time researching the internet and making phone calls to others in this same business to get ideas for our new store. One of the best decisions we made was to use GoAntiquing! Point of Sale software for our computer program. Service has been very prompt for the few times we have had questions or needed help. We find GoAntiquing! has been well worth the price and we would highly recommend this program fo ...  Yesterday's Antique Market 

A Piece of the Past  I have used GoAntiquing! Point of Sale since the day I opened in May 2014. The best business decision ever! The support team has always been great getting back to me immediately and is always so helpful. I love the gateway that updates my vendors, we call it the Love Notes. Makes my life so much easier. Cyndee Stapp A Piece of the Past ~ Antique & Vintage Mall 1430 Mission Dr. Solvang, California 805-688-5533  ... 

Mitzi Ponce, proprietor of 2Cs Vendor wrote this testimonial. I typically put testimonials only on the GoAntiquing! website, but felt this one might be a useful read for a wider audience. Also, consider visiting her on the internets;,, Mitzi says: I should have written this testimonial for GoAntiquing! Point of Sale over a year ago, but I'm glad I waited, because two years' experience with Brave New Softwar ...  2Cs Vendor Mall 

Daisys Designer Alley  I sold my communications company in 2011 and wanted to support our local businesses in Greensboro NC. I rented a 12,000 square foot brick and mortar building in a desirable area of town. We then revamped the space to rent showrooms to local designers, artists and merchants. We knew if we were to launch this, and be successful, we needed to offer EXCEPTIONAL customer service -- not only to our customers but also to the merchants renting from us. (Small businesses today have many challenges an ... 
 Point-Of-Sale Hardware - Available at
The following list is optional point-of-sale hardware equipment that is available at our partner POSGuy's website.
  • Although not strictly considered to be POS hardware, a PC running some variety of Microsoft Windows is required. See this FAQ for more info.
  • You do not need a touch screen type PC, though that will certainly work, we just don't recommend spending the extra for it unless you want to..
  • If you already own point-of-sale hardware it can almost certainly be used with GoAntiquing! Point of Sale.
  • We do not sell this hardware, you must purchase separately.
  • For a minimal configuration all you need is a laser or inkjet printer to print receipts and reports.
  • You will get a better checkout experience, faster, more professional, with at least a receipt printer.
  • Upgrade from just the receipt printer to other hardware as needed.
  • All items in the list below are tested as compatible with GoAntiquing! Point of Sale.
  • The following coupon can be used by GoAntiquing! customers for purchases at POS Guys of $500 or more: PG5GOANTIQUE

Receipt Printer
   $148.00 Epson TM-T20II Receipt Printer, Dark Grey with Power Supply, Serial, USB Interfaces (C31CD52062-GA)

Cash Drawer (connected to 'true' Receipt Printer which is then connected to PC - this is a 'daisy chain' connection)
   $120.00 APG Vasario Cash Drawer Color: Black with Painted Front Dual Media Slots 16"x16" case Receipt Printer Driven 320 MultiPRO Interface (See Accessories for Cable) (VB320-BL1616-GA)

   $7.00 APG Universal 320 MultiPro Cable (Drawer #1 RJ Connection, connects from APG Cash Drawer to Epson Receipt Printer) (CD-101A-GA)

Cash Drawer (connected via USB directly to PC)
   $219.00 APG Vasario Cash Drawer, Color: Black with Painted Front, Dual Media Slots, 16"x16" case, USB HID, Class End Node Interface Only for customers who will not use a true receipt printer to print receipts. **NOTE: We do not recommend this for customers running Windows 10 64-bit. Some customers have reported failure to open the drawer under this edition of Windows 10. (VB554A-BL1616-GA)

NOTE: We do not recommend this for customers running Windows 10 64-bit edition. Some customers have reported failure to open the drawer under Windows 10.

Barcode Scanner
   $90.00 Voyager 1250g Scanner, Black, 1D, Presentation Stand and Cable, USB Interface (1250G-2USB-1-N-GA)

Program this scanner for proper operation with GoAntiquing! by printing this document and following instructions.

Label Printer
   $219.00 Zebra ZD410 Desktop Printer, Gray with 2" Direct Thermal Printing, 203 dpi, US Cord, USB & Bluetooth LE (ZD41022-D01M00EZ-GA)

Pole Display
   $170.00 Logic Controls PDX3000 Pole Display, Black with Configurable Command Set, USB Interface (PDX3000-UP-BK-GA)

All point-of-sale hardware displayed is priced by and available at