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 Company Information

GoAntiquing! is a brand of Brave New Software, LLC, a company originally formed in Texas in 1991 and moved to California and became a LLC in 2001. Please visit Brave New Software, LLC for more information about the company.

The GoAntiquing! family of products are targeted specifically at the unique retail arrangement of an antique mall, consignment store, or collectible shop. What makes these businesses unique is the relationship of the shopkeeper to the dealers (or vendors, consigners, or artisans) and the customers. Typically a business of this type is characterized by the shopkeeper providing a storefront (including a cash register), and the dealers/vendors/consigners/artisans providing the merchandise that is sold. The shopkeeper tracks what has been sold and provides an earnings report to the dealers at the end of the month.

Within this model we found that the software that was available was inadequate and poorly designed, difficult to use, and too expensive. And so we created GoAntiquing! POS (point-of-sale, the cash register), Internet Gateway (the internet connection between the shop and the dealer), and Data Backup (an online service for keeping your data safe).

 Hours of Operation

Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm Pacific Time
Saturday, 10am-2pm
Sundays closed (except by appointment or emergency).
Open with slower response on USA holidays.