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If you are already a customer of GoAntiquing! please use the built-in Support system. This webform is made available only as a last resort!

To submit a Support request, so that Support gets all the information needed please follow these steps:

1. From within the GoAntiquing! program itself (not from the website)
2. Click the "Reporting" bar
3. Click the "Support (Help Me!)" icon
4. Click the "Add New" button
5. Fill in the resulting form entirely!
    a. Your name
    b. Your email address
    c. Your phone number
    d. The subject of the request (general category dropdown)
    e. Lots of details, we need enough detail to duplicate your exact issue, question, or suggestion.
6. Click the "Submit" button

NOTE: If you have multiple computers running GoAntiquing! please exit GoAntiquing! from all but the one you use to submit the Support Request.
 Support Request
Fill in this form to tell us as much as possible to help to assist you as quickly as possible. Submitting here will send us an email and a text message, and you will get a return receipt email also. This way you can be sure that we know you need help. Please read our support policy. STEP 1: You must satisfy the image challenge below to prove that you are a human.
Select the image that shows a picture of a Russian Orthodox church.

STEP 2: You must fill in all fields marked with an asterisk.
Shop Name*

STEP 3: Click the Submit button to send the support request.
NOTE: You may have been asked to send additional info to help resolve an issue. You will be able to attach a file to the support ticket after it is submitted.
Privacy Policy
Brave New Software does not share any of the personal information you submit on this website with anyone.  It is used solely for the purpose of contacting you in response to your request for information.
 Hours of Operation

Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm Pacific Time
Saturday, 10am-2pm
Sundays closed (except by appointment or emergency).
Open with slower response on USA holidays.