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    Did you know that after you purchase a license you can keep OR delete the data you have been entering during the Free Trial / Evaluation period? Yes, it's true! We want this to be an easy experience. The benefit of using GoAntiquing! Point-of-Sale is this, the Free Trial is fully functional. After you are confident it is the right program for your shop, just purchase a license and you keep right on working with no interruption. Also, if you want to wipe out transactions/sales you may have been putting in as test data, there is an option from the program main menu "Tools" called "Delete Old Data" which allows you to do exactly that - delete old test data and keep your Dealers and other configuration data.

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Note: If you receive a box such as this below when attempting to install, please click 'How to switch out of Windows S-Mode' in order to continue. GoAntiquing! is 32-bit Windows software and requires to be installed in the traditional manner.
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