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 GoAntiquing! Support Policy
What is your support policy?
We are committed to your success with our product. We will respond to all support requests, either by phone or by email, or Remote Support typically within an hour, though at times response might be longer (weekends are not as quick response time), for example it can be longer depending on how many customers are ahead of you or who might have a more urgent issue. Our bottom line commitment to response is 3 days, this accomodates weekends and holiday periods. We are retail oriented, just like you are, so we know that not everything can be handled during business hours. Much support is handled via the GotoAssist Customer remote support tool and much is handled off-hours.

Since January 2010 we have required that customers have a paid-up annual support and maintenance fee of $99 to be eligible for support (or 'in good standing'), which includes the initial 30-days after purchase of any sort of telephone based technical assistance (POS program, PC, or networking), and after the 30 day period, any sort of POS program support using Remote Support sessions, generic Q&A, password resets, as well as re-activation of software on a replacement PC. Essentially anything that might cause you to call and ask for any sort of assistance qualifies as a support incident and if support is due or overdue will mean the current $99 support fee (as well as any past due invoices sent for support or other fees) must be paid at that time.

NOTE: The first year of software Support/Maintenance is included in the initial purchase of the license for the software.

Basics of Support
  • We will assist with any question related to use and operation of GoAntiquing!
  • We only support the very latest version of the software. If your software is not updated when you call for support you must first get it updated to the current version.
  • We expect that any computer you use for GoAntiquing! is efficiently prepared and free of viruses, spyware, or other malware. We also expect customers who operate a multi-register shop to ensure the same is true of the network, e.g. it is setup correctly for maximum efficieny and speed. See our detailed Network Checklist for specifics about networking.
  • We will train you, the primary contact person of the shop, in use and operation of any aspect of the program, but will not train subordinate staff, as the assumption is you will train your own staff in accordance with your own policies.

Support Approach

We have several ways of providing you with support.
  • Typically Support is handled best by submitting a Support Request with a follow-up phone call or email. Most people want to just call first, but it is actually best to start with a Support Request because it opens a conversation regarding issues or questions and attaches your data for us to analyze.
  • To submit a support Request, click the Reporting bar on the left side, click the icon labeled Support, click Add New, and fill in all blanks. Make sure and give lots of details about the issue or question before you click the Submit button.
  • Support phone number is 800-385-7911. There is an urgent feature in the voice menu system which should only be used if the software does not operate at all.
  • We also use a Remote Support tool, provided by GotoAssist, to interact with your computer visually and with mouse/keyboard, to help coach and mentor you, or to solve issues directly.

Extenuating Circumstances

Occasionally extenuating circumstances come up, which might be various scenarios. This section tries to identify some of these and give you insight into how we would proceed should that case arise.
  • Any new customer (since April 2017) that cannot run a Remote Support session, and the support staff determines that is what is needed to assist, will be charged $39 per support call (which must be paid via credit card immediately).  This is in addition to the $99 annual fee.  The ability to use Remote Support cuts a support call that might take an hour if we only have telephone for communication to perhaps 10 minutes or less.
  • For the first 30 days of operation we will also assist with general computer setup, networking, and configuration, in terms of use with GoAntiquing!. After 30 days if support requests related to use and operation of your computer, it's operating system, anti-virus or firewall software, printers, other peripherals/hardware, or networking occur we will assess if that requires an 'extended support' support fee of $125/hr. We will clearly communicate to you if/when we determine that a support request has crossed the line from regular to extended support and give you the option to stop the support call before incurring the 'extended support' fee. Please note if you agree to the fee but later refuse to pay the fee we will consider you to have lost your 'good standing status' and future support will be available only if past-due payment is made - at the same time you will always be eligible for program updates.
  • If the person who was trained by our Support Staff leaves the shop, and ownership needs a new manager or primary person trained, that is an additional fee of $125 per hour in 1 hour increments, it is unfortunate we have had to add this to our policy but it is necessary to protect our Support Staff from repeating the same training to different people at the same shop, over and over again.
  • We will only support customers 'in good standing' because for our business to survive and be here for you as you need support we must have this revenue stream
  • Occasionally we are asked to participate in some sort of data research to assist in determining if theft or other suspicious activities have occurred at the shop. If this involves more than 15 minutes of time, documentation copying, mailing, legal consulation with your attorney or my attorney, interviews / statements / depositions / affidavits for any manner of law enforcement, there will be a fee based on $125 per hour plus any direct expenses.
  • Refusal to pay the fees that are due will mean you are not in 'good standing', all support is discontinued, and the shop will not be eligible for the premium services such as Data Backup and Dealer Gateway. We only mention this as a remote possibility of how to handle a situation we hope never occurs.

IMPORTANT: GoAntiquing! licenses are non-transferrable from one business to another (please see the End User License Agreement presented at installation also see the FAQ titled 'What happens if I sell my business? Who owns the software?'.