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 Barcode Scanner Support
GoAntiquing! Point Of Sale can be configured to work with barcode labels and scanners. Most barcode scanners operate as a 'Keyboard (HID)' type device, meaning when they are plugged into the computer Windows will see it as a keyboard. As barcodes are scanned the data is sent as actual keypresses to the computer. Some barcode scanners can also be configured as a serial or COM port, this method of connection is faster and more reliable than the keyboard interface, but more difficult to configure.
 How do I setup my barcode scanner for proper operation with GoAntiquing! Point of Sale?
Every barcode scanner is different, but virtually all can be configured to work with GoAntiquing! Point of Sale. For your convenience we have made available some PDF files that contain a sheet you can print and then scan to program one of these scanners:

Currently recommended 2D scanners; can scan 1D barcodes as well as 2D barcodes like QR and PDF417 (drivers licenses).
NOTE: First in list is what is currently bundled at POSGuys.

KeyboardCipherLabsModel 2504 is a corded USB scanner.
KeyboardZebraModel DS2208 and DS2278. DS2208 is a corded USB scanner, DS2278 is a Wireless scanner with a Bluetooth connection to a USB base station.
KeyboardHoneywellModel 1470g2d. This is a corded USB scanner.

We currently do NOT recommend 1D scanners; we strongly beleive for maximum usefulness shops should invest in a 2D /QR code capable sanner. The most compelling reason is the ability to fit the barcode onto the smaller labels such as jewelry 'butterfly' roll-style labels or the small Avery 8167 sheet labels.
KeyboardPOS-XION Linear 2
KeyboardHoneywellVoyager 1250g/1450g/1452g

Previously recommended scanners; currently no longer manufactured.
KeyboardHoneywell/MetrologicVarious models. USB scanners 1690 Focus (USB Imaging scanner), 3780 Fusion (USB Omni-directional laser scanner), 9590 GS Explorer (USB laser scanner), and others.
Serial/COMHoneywell/MetrologicVarious models. USB scanners 1690 Focus (USB Imaging scanner), 3780 Fusion (USB Omni-directional laser scanner), 9590 GS Explorer (USB laser scanner), and others.
This is the software driver that will allow your Honeywell/Metrologic USB barcode scanner to operate via the Serial/COM port interface. Installation of this is not simple. We recommend you contact Support at 800-385-7911 to assist with installation.
KeyboardHoneywell/MetrologicModel 5145 Eclipse. A true keyboard "wedge" scanner (means it plugs directly into old-style round keyboard port).
KeyboardOpticonModel 6125. A USB scanner that uses LED instead of Laser for scanning.
KeyboardSymbolModel LS4000. A USB scanner.

If you have one of the scanners described above, great, click the provided PDF link, print the PDF file, and scan the codes in sequence to get setup.

If not, then follow these generalized guidelines to setup your scanner by using the programming manual that either came with your scanner or that you downloaded from the manufacturers website...
  • Find and scan the special "Reset to default" code.
  • Determine if you will be using the "Keyboard" method or direct USB method of communication, then find and scan the appropriate code.
  • Find and scan the special code sequence to send the vertical bar symbol aka "pipe" (ASCII value 124 or hex 7c) as a prefix to all barcodes.
  • Then send the barcode data.
  • Then send the Enter or Return code aka Carriage Return (ASCII value 13 or hex 0c).
  • Finally tell scanner you are done programming (usually there is a specific barcode to scan in the manual for both Start and Stop).
If you do not have a manual at all, you may still be able to use the scanner in one of two ways:
  • Before scanning press the "pipe" or vertical bar key on keyboard (shifted \ located above Enter key on most keyboards), then scan.
  • Make sure the cursor is inside the Item ID column in the sales grid, and then scan.