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GoAntiquing! POS - Samples - Dealer Booths Editor

Your shop is likely divided into many small areas that are commonly referred to as Dealer Booths. Most shops charge rent for a Booth based on size and location. This module allows you to specify all the information needed to identify the Booth.

For example, note the Booths described below. They are both window Booths, they have a square footage associated to them, and a dollar per square foot. The rent for the Booth can theb automatically calculated, or you can override the calculation and enter a flat rent amount. Using the Dealer List Editor you can associate one or more Booths to a Dealer and have rent automatically rolled up.

You should then configure the Sales screen (using Settings/General/Cash Register) to show the Booth column. As you ring up items, and if you know what Booth they are from you can enter than in, if you do not know the Booth you can enter 0. When the Dealer Detail Report By Booth is run it will show subtotals by Booth.