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January 15, 2010  -

Effective immediately, the support policy for GoAntiquing! Point of Sale has changed for new customers such that the first year is unlimited/free and each year thereafter is $99 per customer. Please see our FAQ topic for more information on our support policy. Updates are always free, but please see our FAQ on that subject as well for more detailed information on the update policy. Note: Existing customers pre-January 15, 2010 are still covered under the previous unlimited no-cost support plan.

July 4, 2009  -

Hello again and Happy Independence Day!

I hope everyone is having a profitable early summer! In this month’s News Letter I want to focus on the Settlement process, Rent, and Fees, and how they all interrelate. There have been a lot of questions about how Rent and Fees interact with the Settlement process. This seems like a good chance to discuss it as we just passed a month end.

WARNING: This is a fairly detailed narrative document. I go over some basics of Rent and Fees as well as details of Settlement.

The body of this discussion is placed under the FAQ section, as question "I need help working with Settlement processing! Can you give me some pointers?".

July 4, 2009  -

November 19, 2008  -

Recently we have seen an increased interest in barcoding for antique shop items. Previously this was a feature of interest mainly for small merchandise stores and consignment shops. To meet the demand, an update to GoAntiquing! Point of Sale is now available that adds support for Code 39 barcodes which integrate the Dealer ID number along with their Item ID number. This means that when you scan an item it will automatically fill in both the Dealer ID and Item ID, and, if the item has been entered into the Item Master, will lookup the description and price.

It can be difficult to decide what barcode scanner to use, and we have tested units from Symbol and Opticon. Symbol scanners are higher end, and Opticon are on the lower end. Most scanners can be configured to work with GoAntiquing! Point of Sale.

To help you get going you can printout a scannable configuration checklist:

Setup codes for Opticon 6125
Setup codes for Symbol LS4000 series

August 8, 2008  -

GoAntiquing! Point of Sale now supports Windows Vista and Windows Vista 64-bit! A recent customer, who found us by word-of-mouth, gave us the heads up that the program did not install correctly under Vista Home Edition (64-bit). As quick as possible we got a copy of that operating system, tested, found and fixed the problem.

March 15, 2008  -

GoAntiquing! Point of Sale has just had a major visual update!  It now has the appearance of an Office 2007 application.  This offers not only a clean and polished, and esthetically pleasing, appearance, it also makes it easier to read and use.  Part of the update was to add support for Windows enhanced visual themes.  Check it out!

December 29, 2007  -

An update to GoAntiquing! Point of Sale is now available that includes enhanced support for inventory items and tightly integrated support for barcode scanners.  This work was done at the request of a new customer that operates a combination grocery store / antique shop.  Brave New Software places enormous value in feedback from our customers and we welcome any and all comments!  Thank you for your support.